A person chopping freshly picked vegetables and fruits. – Let’s eat consciously

“You should feed your body so that the soul wanted to live in it,” Winston Churchill

Universal diet does not exist, and the balance – of health, well-being, then for each individual matter.

Treatment of food requires a systematic, patience, change habits and can not be used casually.

The key methods are preparing meals, avoiding overeating, use of high quality products.

The meal cooked with attention to looks, tastes, heals.

Oriental Medicine talks about food as the cure, which detoxifies, restores, calms, cools, heats, moisturizes and strengthens.

Most therapeutic essence in simple meals, which is rich in raw life energy.

The method of small steps going to the well-being and following a healthy weight.

Diet corresponding to the Constitution (predisposition) and the appropriate amount of exercise allows us to unlimited access to health.

Changing eating habits is a process that is evolving, influenced by the season, occupation, age, activity.

Intuition is an ally of the change.