At this point, I would like to introduce patients who felt
beneficial effects of foot reflexology.

State recovery is the process by which the patient should be active
participate; change “bad” eating habits, lifestyle.

Eve, l.34,

To reflexologist volunteered because of problems with the thyroid (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hypothyroidism origins), chronic fatigue, freezing hands and feet. After the two series of massage – two time 12 massages 2 months apart between each set TSH – decreased from 3.87 mIU / L to 2.00 mIU / L, and anti-TPO Ab of 209 IU / ml 88.1 IU / ml.
In addition, I stopped to have a problem with freezing hands and feet, chronic fatigue also disappeared.

I am now much calmer and have better resistance to stress. To maintain this state of health is now attending a massage every two weeks. Good health is maintained, I do not take hormones and very well I feel. I am very grateful to Mrs. Beacie.
To specialist in high-end holistic approach to the patient. I also got her a lot of valuable nutritional advice, which also enhance the effect of reflexology. I highly recommend all services Beata.