How reflexology works ?

Reflexology / foot reflexology is a method of therapeutic foot massage, which are stimulated specific points and reflex zones on the feet, corresponding to the various organs of the human body and layouts.

Foot reflexology restores well-being, introduces the body in a relaxed state.

It involves uciskaniu certain points and stimulate the body’s self-healing process. The reactions occur in the power system and the nervous man on the road reflex.

Deep relaxation experienced by the patient during surgery allows the normal functioning of the body, which tends to homeostasis (internal physiological balance) – that is, to health.

Homeostasis is a prerequisite for health (proper functioning) of the body, the disease in its ground have abnormal mechanisms to maintain homeostasis. (Wikipiedia)

Reflexology works on the physical, mental and spiritual.


  • It stimulates the body’s self-healing mechanisms
  • It stimulates circulation, so nutrients are efficiently transported to all body organs and cells.
  • Removes stasis lock and energy
  • Restores balance the flow of vital energy
  • Prevents allergies, infections
  • has a positive effect on memorization and concentration
  • added energy and vitality
  • Relieves stress and emotional tension
  • It regulates metabolism and promotes detoxification
  • Removes abnormal menstrual
  • a positive effect on the endocrine system
  • complexion and skin quality is improved restores strength and vitality
  • It helps maintain youthfulness, delay the aging process,
  • It affects the immune system* Material from the lectures of the International Academy of Reflexology & amp; Meridian Therapy, Inge Dougans, Dariusz Ruder