Absolute contraindications

      • states sharp requiring surgery
      • states immediately before or after surgery
      • pacjencji before and after organ transplants
      • fresh wounds of the foot
      • post-traumatic feet (fracture, dislocation of joints)
      • athlete’s foot / feet of extensive skin lesions
      • severe infectious diseases
      • Lymphoma
      • pregnancy threatened

Relative contraindications

      • 1 trimester of pregnancy
      • local inflammation / foot skin changes
      • acute inflammation (eg. The suspicion of appendicitis)
      • DVT
      • diabetes
      • states after severe illness or hemorrhage
      • severe pain requiring specialist treatment
      • abdominal pain from lack of intestinal peristalsis
      • suspicion of myocardial infarction
      • mental illness
      • sick very excitable, prone to hysterical reactions
      • disease of unknown etiology